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Time flies…!

Well it should be “when you’re having fun” but I haven’t had much of that. School is over! (I took a summer class) and I’m not working as much. But instead of baking (it’s been sooo hot) I’ve been trying new restaurants (and meeting sexy hosts!).

But here’s a little tidbit: I now bake cakes for the restaurant I work at. It’s been about two a week, but it’s a slow place, so it’s more than I thought. I’m also attempting to have my boss let me take orders. The reason I say “attempting” is because I would like to keep all the profits. We’ll see. I have one from a regular, that I haven’t decided on a price yet, and well frankly I’m gonna keep the money! He didn’t give me any ingredients, nor am I baking it at the restaurant.

So wish me luck! And as always, please check out Cece’s Creations facebook page and ORDER SOMETHING!!