Order some cookies!!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, I’m trying to sell my baked goods. And yesterday I had my first sale. And I’d love for that to continue, so anyone who wants any kind of cookie, cake, cupcakes, etc. Let me know! I’ll price it out according to all the ingredients and such, and it’ll be worth it!
Yesterday I made Amy those white chocolate chip cookies, homemade, amazing, 60 of them! For $8.50. Where can you get that? Keebler? No way, sorry! Though mine might be a tad bit more expensive, they’re definitely better! Softer, fresher, and if you want to come over and chat while I bake, you can have them fresh out of the oven!

I’ve talked it over with a few people, and everyone, besides one, feels that for what you’re getting, the prices are completely reasonable. So buy! You’ll help put a little bit of money in my pocket since I’ve been out of work for more than 8 months, and pretty much don’t have any money to leave the house besides going to class.

Have I guilted you yet? Because you totally should buy something. Even half a batch (I have all that priced out too) anything would help 🙂 And you won’t regret it!!


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