Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I made some lasagna last weekend I’ll post about. And then I thought my camera broke. My nephew dumped Mt. Dew on it and it seemed fine, I came home, charged the battery, used it for literally three pictures and that’s it. So yesterday, one of my closest friends, Andrea, and I were baking chicken Parmesan. I brought my camera, went to take pictures and I couldn’t get the camera to turn on. It didn’t even flash red telling me it died. So I thought I was screwed. Then I go to turn it on today just to see and —- SURPRISE. it works. So I can post the recipe we used but there will be no pictures. And tomorrow I’m making a boatload of stuff. First I’m making myself a bit of pasta for lunch (yes I have this planned) then for dinner I’m making steak and some Parmesan crusted potatoes. And soon after either some pumpkin muffins or carrot cake cookies. I’m leaning towards cookies but we shall see!!
Also later on in the week, my friend Amy and I will be making the homemade Oreos. Maybe I’ll post just a couple pics but you’ve already got the recipe šŸ™‚


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