Julie and Julia

So I just got done watching the movie “Julie and Julia”. It was ok, but it made me want to stop with the desserts and get into meals. My mom keeps complaining I make all this stuff she “has” to eat… When really it’s just tons of desserts she likes and she pretty much has no willpower if it’s in front of her. I don’t blame her, I’m clearly not turning down any food but at least if I cook meals she can’t complain. They’re necessary!
I don’t have Julia Child’s cookbook, or the Joy of Cooking, but I don’t plan on cooking my way through any cookbook. I’m much too picky for that. So I’m going through cookbooks I’ve never even looked at, tabbing them, then I’m going to pick like 5-10 things and in the next couple of weeks, make them all. Not a huge challenge, but it’ll be fun (I think). And with school ending in a month, I’ll definitely have way more time to cook meals. (Right now I have night classes, so I’m not home to get to eat dinner, let alone make it).

Sidenote: I finally got all my transcripts into HFCC, and it looks like I only need like four extra classes and I could have two associates. Which would be on top of the bachelors that I’ll be able to get by next May. Which made me decide that in the fall of 2012, I’m going to law school. I wanted to take some time off to work, save some money, but I’m going to do it. Ie wanted to go to law school for as long as I can remember. I’m so excited. I really hope I can get into Wayne State Law. They have a study abroad program where you can study/work at The Hague in the Netherlands. I think that would be an incredible opportunity. I’ll have to look into it more, and see what my choices are for law schools where I would still be able to have the opportunity to go to the Hague. I was thinking about the University of Toledo Law school, because it’s defintely affordable. And if there is a way for me to study at the Hague, I’m definitely gonna try and do it.


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