Easter Dinner

I’m pretty much not doing a damn thing! The “traditional” Easter dinner that my mom makes is pretty much a dinner of “things Christi doesn’t like”. I like ham, but I’m sick of it, and then she makes scalloped potatoes, amoung other things. I’ll probably eat some ham, but I’ll make myself some mashed potatoes and thats about it.

The one thing I WILL be doing is making the rolls. My family absolutely LOVES the rolls they give you at Texas Roadhouse. And I spent a bit of time scouring the internet, comparing recipes, looking for a “copycat” recips for these rolls. And I think I found one, so my family will be lucky (hopefully) to be having some incredible rolls with their dinner.

I’m going to wait until tomorrow to post the recipe, just in case it doesn’t work out. But if it does, expect the recipe, and pictures, and it being added to the list of things I’m going to make for AJ’s first birthday next weekend.



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