Just a quick question….

I know not many people read this quite yet, but I was wondering, is there anything, anyone wants me to cook/bake? I’m totally open to suggestions. I know that there are a few things I make A LOT, that somehow I haven’t made recently (alfredo of all sorts, chicken and dumplings…), but I will!

My nephews first birthday is coming up soon (Yay Austin!!) and I’m “Catering” that. So I’m going to hope that I can get tons of pictures and show everyone how cooking for 20+ worked out for me. Shouldn’t be too hard. The menu will be chicken and dumplings, meatballs, gravy, and mashed potatoes, baked ziti (or what most people called Mostaccoli), and a baked Chicken Alfredo. With obviously, some homemade garlic bread. My mom and my sister will be taking care of the cake, though I did beg to make his personal cake that he gets to destroy.

And while typing this, I think I gave myself a ton to do. But its all for my nephew, and well, I can deal with it for one weekend, right? I’ll just wait until they go to bed or something to start prepping. Who cares if I get like, no sleep….

oh yea. COMMENT! Let me know what you’d like to see!!!


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