Filet Mignon and Chicken Fried Rice

Like I said before, my cousin and I try to cook up a delicious meal every other Saturday. And this past Saturday was definitely no exception. For awhile, we had been obsessed with going to Benihana. We both love their fried rice, and always get the Filet Mignon, so we decided to do a poor man’s version. I do use “poor man’s” loosely, because Rachel still went and got Filet Mignon. But compared to what you would pay actually going to Benihana, we definitely saved. I’m pretty sure that if you added in the Patron Strawberry Margaritas we had two batches of, it would still be cheaper than if we had gone to Benihana.

Anyways. Let’s get going.

Serves two.
two steaks of your choice (we had some amazing filet mignon)

Chicken Fried Rice
2 ounces cooked chicken
8 ounces steamed rice
2 eggs
1 tablespoon onion, finely chopped
1 teaspoon carrot, finely chopped
1 teaspoon green onion, finely chopped
1 teaspoon sesame seed
4 tablespoons butter (we used garlic butter) 
1 teaspoon oil
2 teaspoons soy sauce
6 pinches pepper
6 pinches salt (optional; I think the soy sauce adds enough saltiness, but its personal taste)

First, we made some garlic butter. We use this in the fried rice, and when the steaks are almost done. Its just a few garlic cloves (really depends on how much garlic your taste buds desire) and a stick of butter.

For the steaks, we only massaged them with olive oil and then seasoned them with salt and pepper.

We put some olive oil in the pan, and turned up the heat, our aim was to do it similarly to how they do at Benihana, get a nice crust on the steak, and then cut it up and finish cooking it. While its finishing we throw a couple tablespoons of the garlic butter on top to let it melt. We both love our medium-rare, so this took no time at all.

For the fried rice, we used a wok. In a pot, we made the rice according to the directions.

Put some oil in the wok, and seared the chicken breast. Once that was seared, I took it out and cut it into very small pieces for the rice. I cracked open two eggs into the wok and whisked them until they were cooked. I don’t like huge egg pieces in my fried rice, then I tossed in the chicken and finished cooking it. Once the chicken and egg was finished, I tossed in the finely minced onion and carrots. When this mixture was done, I tossed in the rice. I let the rice cook, stirring intermittently. Poured in some soy sauce to taste. Which means I got to try this numerous times, my favorite part. I love this recipe for fried rice.



  1. Rachel Said:

    This was by far the best meal I’ve had in a long time!!

    • oceceo Said:

      It was really good. Only next time I need to not ruin the chocolate dipping sauce. Next time I’ll just stick to what I know– baking! Instead of something thats supposed to be incredibly simple….

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